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The Story

The start of xStudio was in an environment of creativity, because it’s a part of Pixel Advertising Agency, & completing for our service in advertising & media at all, it was not surprisedly to establish our own studio with a separate identity & teamwork, & make it like a complete home for those who looking for any photography service.

About xStudio

xStudio is a professional complete studio that met all of your requirements if you a photographer, corporate, place, freelancer, influencer or even a normal client needs to photography service.


xStudio is a professional complete studio, to whose need a photography or videography service at a whole of the photography industry level.


Our mission as it should be to all of who work in the industry, are summarized in helping every single client to reach their goal by technical suggests, ideas & keep them satisfied as possible of the service.


We are looking to upgrade a whole level of the photography service in Egypt, & reaching with the quality & professionality to the last level, & produce any level of photography you see anywhere in the world.

xStudio team

The team is component of a professional people, every person is specialized in their field,
which is help us provides a professional complete service to you.

Mahmoud El Sawy

Art Director

Nourhan Hamad

Account Executive

Mohamed Mohsen

Senior Photographer

Khaled Mokhtar

Senior Videographer

Abdelmnem Hassan

Social Media Director

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